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Football Games


Q: What does my child need to wear under their band uniform?

A: Black socks, show shirt, and thin black athletic shorts.  Student must wear thin shorts under their uniform.  They cannot wear shorts that are bulky or noticeable through their bibbers.  Also, no jewelry of any kind is allowed.


Q: Does my child have to ride the bus to away football games and marching contest?

A:  Yes, band students are required to ride the bus to and from the game unless they turn in a Release to Ride form ahead of time. This form requires approval by a High School Principal and a Band Director.


Q: What in the way of food and drinks is provided to my child when traveling with the band to football games?

A:  Band students will be provided with water throughout the game.  They will be given bottled water after halftime and they will be given a sack lunch with a turkey sandwich & Gatorade for the ride home (away games only).


Q:  Will my child have time to go home and come back before an out of town football game?

A:  No,  they should plan on staying at school.  Most of the away games will require an early departure.  Please plan on bringing your child food to eat before they have to be in uniform for inspection.  They will be given a sack lunch after the game for the ride home.  Most students will need something to eat after school.


Q:  Where should I wait to pickup my child from an out of town football game?

A:  You should wait in the student parking lot next to the band hall.  Please use the parking lot and do not block traffic by parking in the road or fire lanes.  School busses and band truck need to drive through the lanes and they cannot do this safely with vehicles blocking the lanes.


Q:  Where do I pickup my child after a home football game?

A:  The band will meet at the band hall for inspection before all home games.  They will march to the stadium as a group and when the game is over they will march back to the band hall.   You may wait for you student in the parking lot next to the band hall.  Please use the parking lot and do not block the fire lanes.


Q:  How do chaperones know if they have all of the students before returning home?

A:  We use a bus card system.  There is a card created for each student based on their bus #.  When the students are on the bus they have their bus card in their possession.  When they are off the bus the chaperones for their bus will have the students bus cards.  This easily allows our chaperones to know which students are not on the bus.


Q:  How many chaperones travel to the football games with the students?

A:  There are two or more chaperones per bus in addition to the bus driver.  All chaperones are required to pass a background check before they are allowed to travel with the band.


Q:  What is expected of chaperones that travel with the band to football games?

A:  Chaperones ride on the buses to and from the game to make sure our students are safe and not behaving inappropriately on the bus.  All disciplinary issues are handle by the band directors and not the chaperones.  In addition to riding on the buses, our chaperones all work hard at the games to make sure our students needs are met.   This includes passing out water, passing out plumes, moving equipment on the field for the half-time show, picking up trash, etc.  Chaperones are there to make sure our students are taken care of.  


Q:  Do boys and girls travel together on the same bus?

A:  Yes, our students are allowed to sit by whomever they choose when traveling to and from the game as long as they don't abuse that privilege.  Bus chaperones have the authority to separate students based on their discretion.  Couples that are deemed as "problem couples" will be handled by the directors. 


Q:  Can my student take personal stuff on the bus?

A:  Yes, students can bring a bag with snacks and other personal stuff.  However, we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Students are responsible for keeping up with their own cell phones, iPods, etc.  These items must remain on the bus during the game.  They are not allowed to bring their bags into the stands. Students are also responsible for cleaning up all trash on the buses when they arrive back in Waxahachie and they are not allowed to eat while in uniform.


Q:  How do I care for my child's marching uniform?

A:  Band fees cover one cleaning per week during marching season.  The new uniforms cannot be dry-cleaned.  The booster club will take them in bulk for cleaning each week.  Uniforms are not allowed to go home.  For away football games students will turn in their uniform to a designated chaperone before getting on the bus to return home.  For home games the students will turn in their uniforms to a designated chaperone after they are dismissed at the band hall.  Any student leaving early will need to turn in their uniform BEFORE they leave the campus.  The uniforms will be bagged and taken to be cleaned. GREEN bags for girls and GRAY bags for boys.


Q:  What happens if my child does not make the bus before it leaves Waxahachie?

A:  Your student will miss the game.  We will not hold the buses for missing students.  Students may not travel to the game by other means of transportation and participate with the band unless they have a pre-approved Release to Ride form that has been signed by a school principal and a band director.


Q:  What happens if it rains at the game?

A:  All students are required to purchase a band poncho to wear in the event of rain.  Extra ponchos are available for purchase through the WHS band office.  Woodwind instruments will be kept in their cases and protected from the rain.  It will be a director decision on whether or not to march with woodwinds depending on the intensity of the rain.


Q:  Do students get 3rd quarter off?

A:  No, after half-time the band will be provided bottled water as they return to their seats.  They are not allowed to eat while in uniform. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Q:  What is the Ice Cream Social?
This is an opportunity for the entire band family, 6th-12th, to come together for an evening social and preview portions of the WHS Marching Band marching show.  The Ice Cream Social is a long standing tradition that occurs during Summer Marching Band prior to the start of school.   Freshman band students are asked to bring $5 to be used for the purchase of the ice cream. Please send money to the WHS Band Hall prior to the event.  Volunteers will serve the ice cream to the public as they arrive and to the band members at the end of the event.  This is a FREE event and it is open to the general public.  The event generally runs 1.5 - 2 hours in length.

Q:  Does the Ice Cream Cost?
No, the ice cream is donated by Freshman band parents and the bowls and spoons are donated by the boosters.  The ice cream is free of charge.

Q:  Is there any reason to bring money to this event?
Yes, the Band Boosters often sell band merchandise at the Ice Cream Social (i.e. yard signs, t-shirts, etc). 

Have an unanswered question?  Send your questions to AVP Special Projects
July 4th Week

Q:  Where does the band meet for the parade?
A:  Between the Waxahachie Post Office and Waxahachie Cleaners on College Street.

Q:  What are the parade routes?
A:  July 4th parade route starts at the Post Office on College Street and finishes at Getzendaner Park.  The Homecoming and Christmas Parades start and end at the Post Office on College Street.  The Homecoming Parade is "sometimes" followed by a brief pep-rally in the First Baptist Church parking lot  (one block over from the Post Office on Rogers).  Water is provided for the band after all parades.

Q: What is the July 4th Picnic?
A:  Immediately following the parade the Boosters host a picnic for ALL band students and their families at the pavilion in Getzendaner Park.  WHS Band parents should plan on meeting their students in the park after the parade.




Q:  What will the money raised from the Car Wash be used for?

A: Please check with the AVP Fundraising to find out if student pledges will be used for their own accounts or for the general booster fund.  This may vary between car washes.


Q: Can students solicit money for their individual fundraising effort during the car wash?

A: No, students MAY NOT solicit or collect pledge money DURING the car wash.  All donations made at the car wash will be directed to the band booster account.  Student pledges should be done before or after the event.


Q: Are car wash donation tax deductible?

A: That depends on the recipient of the donation?  Any money donated directly to students for their individual accounts is NOT tax deductible.  Any money donated directly to the Band Boosters IS tax deductible.


Q: What are pledges based on?

A:  Pledges will be based on the number of cars/trucks/bikes/dogs, etc washed.  We will have the official number at the end of the car wash.  Last year we washed 320 cars.  If someone pledge 5 cents per car for 320 cars the total money collected would be 320 * .05 = $16.00. 


Q:  Is student participation in the car wash mandatory?

A:  Yes, car wash participation is MANDATORY; however, pledge participation is NOT mandatory.  If you cannot make the car wash then you need to communicate this with Mr. Armstrong in advance.

Car Wash