WHS 2016 Itineraries

March 2017


Event: Waxahachie Winterguard @ Lewisville HS

Date: Saturday, March 18, 2017

10:00 Call and Warm up for both guards

10:15 JV on Floor Varsity in sectionals

10:50 Varsity on floor JV get dressed

11:15 Call for floor crew

11:30 Load

12:00 Depart for Lewisville

1:30 Check in

2:09 JV in official Warm up

2:40 JV performs After performance Varsity will eat and then dress before JV retreat JV can eat before or after retreat Dinner on your own $

4:30 Retreat for JV

5:30 Varsity Warm Up with Mrs. Armstrong

6:11 Varsity in official Warm Up

6:44 Varsity performs After performance everything is loaded Watch guards

9:30 Varsity Retreat

10:00 Load and depart for Waxahachie

11:15 Arrive Waxahachie


Event: Waxahachie HS Band @ TCU Jazz Festival

Date: Saturday, March 25, 2017

Location: TCU

9:15am – Rehearsal

11:00am – Load

11:15am  - Depart for TCU

12:30am – Arrive at Site

1:30am  - Warm-up

2:00am - Performance

2:30pm – Feedback

3:00pm – Load Equipment

3:30pm - Depart for Terrell

5:30pm – Dinner

7:00pm - Gig Starts at Museum

10:30pm – Return to Waxahachie

11:45pm - Arrival at Waxahachie HS - please have a ride waiting


May 2017


Event: Waxahachie HS Band @ Performance of Record (Wind Ensemble)

Date: Saturday, May  6, 2017

Location: Richardson HS

8:15am – Student Call

8:45am – Depart for Event

10:00am – Arrive at Richardson

10:45am – Warm up

11:45am – Performance

12:45pm – Load and Pack up

1:00pm – Depart for Lunch

1:30pm – Lunch

3:00pm – Depart for Waxahachie

4:15pm - Arrival at Waxahachie HS - please have a ride waiting


Event: Waxahachie HS Band @ Peak Music Festival (Wind Ensemble)

Date: Saturday, May 17, 2017

Location: Murchison Hall

7:00am – Warm-up and Rehearsal

12:30pm – Lunch/Load/Dress

2:00pm – Depart for Site

3:30pm – Arrive at Site

4:30pm – Warm up

5:00pm – Performance

5:45pm – Load/Change

6:15pm – Depart for Dinner

9:15pm – Arrival at Waxahachie HS- please have a ride waiting