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Spirit of Waxahachie Indian Band
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Spirit of Waxahachie Indian Band






2016 - 2017

Student Awards

All Region Jazz
All Region Orchestra

High School All Region

High School Solo & Ensemble

High School Awards and Scholarships




Band Awards and Recognitions

Marching Band

Birdville Marching Festival ~ 24Sep16

Prelims: 1st in 5A Music, 2nd overall in 5A,

5th Overall

Finals: Cancelled due to weather

Midlothian Marching Showcase  ~ 1Oct16

Prelims: All 1st Place votes in Music & Marching,

2nd in Guard and Drums,

4A Champion,

Grand Champion

Finals: All 1st Place votes in Music

1st and 2nd in Marching,

2nd in Drums, 5th in Guard,

Grand Champion

BOA Regional Championship ~ 8Oct16

Prelims: 1st in 3A Music, 3A Champion

Finals: 10th Place

UIL Region 20 Contest ~ 15Oct15

Straight I's


  Duncanville Marching Invitational ~ 22Oct15

Prelims: 2nd in 5A, Best Music 5A

Finals: 3rd Place, Best Music Overall


 Lewisville Drumline Contest ~ 12Nov16

2nd Place

Best Tenor Line

Winter Guard

JV Winter Guard wins Championship
Varsity Winter Guard wins Championship


Concert Band

WHS Jazz Orchestra

1st in Class 5A at UTA Jazz Festival
2nd in Class 5A at TCU Jazz Festival


WHS Wind Ensemble



WHS Symphonic



WHS Concert



Howard Symphonic 1



Howard Symphonic 2


Finley Honors Band


Finley Symphonic